International Congress on
Marine Corrosion and Fouling

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Session Topics

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Biology of Fouling Organisms  
Dr Nick Aldred
Research Associate, School of Marine Science & Technology, Newcastle University, UK
Fouling as a Vector for Invasive Species
Dr Eugene Georgiades
Senior Adviser, Biosecurity Risk Analysis (Animals and Aquatic), 
Science and Risk Assessment Directorate, Ministry for Primary Industries, NZ
Invited Speaker: Graeme Inglis, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Lt, NZ
Microalgal Fouling and Adhesion Processes
Professor Jim Callow
Emeritus Professor of Botany, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, UK
Invited Speaker: Paul Molino, University of Wollongong
Marine Bioadhesion
Dr Gary Dickinson
Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology, The College of New Jersey, USA
Invited Speaker: Emily Carrington, University of Washington
Invited Speaker: Jonathan Wilker, Purdue University
Biofilms and Microbial Fouling
Professor Peter Steinberg
Director, Sydney Institute for Marine Sciences; Co-Director, Centre for Marine Bio-innovation, UNSW, Australia; Co-Director, Advanced Environmental Biotechnology Centre, NTU Singapore
Invited Speaker: Sergey Dobretsov, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Invited Speaker: Scott Rice, SCELSE (NTU)/UNSW Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion
Assoc Prof Daniel J. Blackwood
Dept of Materials Science & Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Marine Corrosion

Dr Dominique Thierry

French Corrosion Institute, Brest, France

Invited Speaker: Carol Powell, Copper Development Association and Nickel Institute, UK

Advances in Analysis of Corrosion
Professor Hideyuki Kanematsu
Dean, Dept. MS & E., Suzuka National College of Technology, Suzuka, Japan
Risk Management in Marine Corrosion
Dr Brenda Little
Senior Scientist, Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center, USA
Invited Speaker: Robert Melchers, University of Newcastle
Fouling and Corrosion Issues for Offshore structures, Oil & Gas Industry

Mr John A. Lewis
Senior Associate, ES Link Services, Australia
Fouling in Desalination and Seawater Cooling Systems

Dr Richard Piola
Defence Scientist, Maritime Division, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia
Fouling in Aquaculture
Dr Belinda Yaxley
Petuna Aquaculture Pty Ltd
Ship Hydrodynamics and Energy Efficiency
Professor Mehmet Atlar
School of Marine Science and Technology, Newcastle University, UK
Invited Speaker: Noriyuki Sasaki, Monohakobi Technology Institute
Ship Hull Management
Professor Geoff Swain
Director, Centre for Corrosion and Biofouling Control, Florida Institute of Technology, USA
Invited Speaker: Daniel Kane, Propulsion Dynamics, Inc
Biocidal Antifouling Technologies
Mr David Stark
International Paint Singapore Pte Ltd.
Global Marine Coatings Headquarters and Research Center, Singapore
Advances in Coating Technology
Professor Dean Webster
Chair, Dept of Coatings and Polymeric Materials, North Dakota State University, USA
New Approaches for Antifouling
Professor Robert Lamb
Surface Science & Technology Group, School of Chemistry, The University of Melbourne, Australia
New Methods for Evaluation of Antifouling
Professor Axel Rosenhahn
Analytical Chemistry – Biointerfaces
Ruhr-University Bochum
Invited Speaker: William Birch, IMRE, Singapore
Regulatory and Environmental Issues

Mr John Lewis
Senior Associate, ES Link Services, Melbourne, Australia
Invited Speaker: Naomi Parker, NZ Ministry for Primary Industries