International Congress on
Marine Corrosion and Fouling

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Presentation Guidance

Oral presentations

Please send your presentations (Microsoft Powerpoint only) to the Secretariat as early as possible. You may email it to us at the following address, before the 5 July 2014:

Please name your ppt files as: <Abstract ID_Number>_<Presenting Author’s Surname>.ppt

For example: ICMCFsg0139a0001_Hideyuki.ppt

After 5 July 2014, that is, during the Congress - please approach the Secretariat to upload your presentations. Please see the Technician in the Secretariat Office to upload and test your presentation. Participants should have their presentations uploaded at least one day before, and latest by 8am on the day of your presentation. If you have movies and specialist animations embedded within your presentation, please ensure that the appropriate programs are available.

Oral presentations should not exceed 15 minutes (including 3-5 minutes for Q&A). Presenters do not have to bring their own computer. There will be a Windows based laptop computer provided in the session room. As we have two parallel sessions, we seek your cooperation to adhere to the schedule to facilitate movement between the rooms. The Chairs will be instructed to adhere strictly to the schedule and empowered to stop your presentation should you exceed your allocated time!

Poster presentations

In planning a poster presentation it is useful to bear in mind the advantages of a poster over oral presentation. Interested viewers have more time for discussion during a poster presentation, which offers you opportunities for networking and gathering useful feedback and ideas for your future work. Authors must be available for discussion during the poster sessions.

Poster Presentation Night is scheduled for Tuesday 8th July 2014 from 7 - 9pm at the NUS Kent Ridge Guild House. A buffet dinner will be provided.  At registration, you will be provided with instructions on your poster location, as indicated by board number. In the hall, the number will be on the poster board assigned for your poster.

Each poster display will be 39' x 78' (100cm x 200cm) mounted vertically (“Portrait”). You can produce your poster either in A1 size (23.39' x3 3.11') or  A0 size (33.11' x 46.61'). All poster material should be confined to the space provided. Your poster should not exceed the surface space provided. For ease of identification, your Abstract ID number (eg. ICMCFsg0139a0001) should be indicated on the top left hand corner of your poster. The poster board surface consists of fabric over cork board. Push pins or velcro can be used to mount the poster, with pushpins being the preferred method. Each presenter must provide push pins or velcro for his/her display.

The first author of each poster abstract is responsible for the proper assembly, mounting, presentation of his/her poster and its removal. Please inform the Secretariat if for any reason, you are unable to attend but wish to assign the presentation to your co-author.

Presenters will be allowed to begin mounting their display on their assigned board per the following schedule: 

 Date  Poster Display Times* Mounting of posters  Removal of posters 
 Tues, 8 July 2014  7.00pm – 9.00pm  4.00pm – 6.00pm  9.30pm

Suggested Guidelines:

  1. In the planning of your poster presentation remember that the poster will be available for viewing and discussion for several hours. Posters should be readable from five feet away.  Ideally, the poster should be understandable without requiring an oral explanation.
  2. When planning your poster presentation, aim for clarity and simplicity. Make an initial rough layout, keeping in mind the proportions of figures, tables, and text. Be clear and concise in all statements. Include your objective, the design/methods, the results and conclusion. The objective of the work should be stated. Experimental details should be concise. Tables and conclusions should be clearly stated.
  3. Resist any temptation to overload the poster with excessive text and data!
  4. It is helpful to offer hand-outs of your poster to those who are interested. Please bring these with you as on-site printing will not be available.

Students, Early Career Researchers: Our sponsors are generously contributing some great prizes for the Best Oral and Best Poster Presentations!  An esteemed panel of judges will be appointed by the committee to ask difficult questions. So more good reasons to give this ICMCF your best shot!